Fede has been working for Audish Accessories for the past 6 years, one of our youngest staff members, his experience comes from Boot making and has been working with leather all his adult life. 

Maker, Sewing Assistant



Paty came to us with textile experience and has learned the leather trade by working next to her husband and pattern maker Raul, she's clever and smart and most of all pays attention to detail.


Prepares And Assists

 Doris became an expert on preparing all the handbag components before they come together, cleans the surfaces and finishes the final product before the inspection. she works together with Paty and Fede in a small assembly line. 


Could not do it without her, she ships and receives all materials for the shop, all wholesale orders have to be inspected by her and I have to say she will not let one slide, she's very good and friendly with staff and customers.

Pattern Maker

Raul has been with us from the beginning, we could not exist without his talent, he started at the age of 9 in his father's repair shop, worked in the best boot companies in Mexico, has been my right hand.